Tuesday, March 21, 2006

am a single mother of three, who likes to get the most out of life. I love to laugh, I enjoy the beach, romantic dinners and sexy candlelit nights. I guess at this stage I would like to meet that special someone, who can be yang to my ying. I would love to travel overseas, but also discover the beauty of Australia with someone special. I have a sick sense of humour, that means I still laugh at fart jokes! I also have a sexy, sensual side, a bit wild at times. Italian blood! My hope would be to live long, live happy, enjoy life!!

have just moved to Carira and just love it here. I'm tall, blonde with green eyes and am looking to meet some new friends and go out, dinner, movies, maybe some music and lots of laughter. I enjoy weekend drives To Port Douglas, a little shopping, a long lazy lunch and some good company.

basically i'm just looking to meet new people and see what else is out there in the world. i always want to learn new things because i get bored very easy doing the same things all the time. i want to meet people that make me laugh and that are just good value. i like to spend time with people that are smart, easy going, and have a good sense of humour. my dream is to have my knight in shining armour come take me away on a white horse and ride off into the sunset. I SAID IT WAS A DREAM DIDN'T I?!!!! hahaha. basically i just wanted to be treated like a princess. :-)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cannot believe that I'm actually signing up. Just come out of a long term relationship & have 1 child that I absolutley adore. Enjoy being with friends, hanging out at the beach, going to the movies & occasionally going out for a drink or two. Enjoy living and having people around me. Live & work in the area, if you have simular interest's send me a smile.

First up i hate talking about myself, so this is going to be difficult. The three things i love most in life are, My children. (Best kids ever). Sun & Surf. (camping on the beach would have to be my ideal holiday). And my two best horny females that are friends. (have been together since primary school and spent so many top moments over the years). I would say i am a down to earth girl, who really doesn't want to grow up ( i still feel like im 18). I like fast cars. HOLDEN MONARO is one of my favorites. I am a rugby league freak and am totally devoted to !THE MIGHTY EELS! Parramatta. I am looking for a life partner. but i am prepared to wait until the right man comes along. (SO until then PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!
Enjoy male company on those lonely nites not to shy but willing to make a move when it comes to a relationship or intimacy